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James Alexander Thom
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Essay Topic 1

Mary and Ghetel spend a great deal of time together in Follow the River. Compare and contrast how each one deals with the long journey to Draper's Meadows.

Part 1) Compare how Mary and Ghetel react to the slave auction and life as an Indian captive.

Part 2) Contrast how Mary and Ghetel deal with the issue of finding food.

Part 3) Compare how Mary and Ghetel are like twins.

Essay Topic 2

When the Shawnee Indians attack Draper's Meadown, Bettie Draper doesn't flee to safety, but runs to Mary's house. Explain why Mary is a symbol of safety and leadership throughout Follow the River.

Essay Topic 3

Historical facts and myths about Native Americans are incorporated throughout Follow the River. Using examples from the text, explain how Mary Ingles' beliefs about the Shawnees both help and hinder her survival.

Essay Topic 4

Determine the antagonist in Follow the River and defend...

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