Follow the River Character Descriptions

James Alexander Thom
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Mary Draper Ingles

Kidnapped by Shawnee Indians in 1755, this character's strong will and determination throughout the journey are challenged until she is reunited with her husband.

Gheta Stumf

This Dutch character returns to civilization and is later taken to a Dutch community in Pennsylvania.

Bettie Draper

This character is shot in the arm when Indians attack and is later sold during a slave auction.

Will Ingles

This character flees to avoid being killed. He later finds his son and reunites him with his mother.

Chief Wildcat

This character is the leader of a group of Shawnee Indians and kidnaps white people.

Johnny Draper

This character is a brother and a husband. He was in the fields about a mile from home when the attack occurred.

Tommy Ingles

This character was four-years-old when taken by the Indians and returned at the age of seventeen.

Georgie Ingles

This character was...

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