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James Alexander Thom
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Chapters 1, 2 and 3

• On Sunday, July 8, 1755, Mary Draper Ingles and her family are doing their regular chores when Shawnee Indians attack.

• At the time of the attack, Mary Ingles is pregnant with her third child.

• The Indians kill and scalp Eleanor Draper, Mary's mother.

• The Indians kill the baby of Bettie Draper, Mary's sister-in-law.

• The Indians take Mary, Mary's children, and Bettie as captives.

• The Indians go on to kill Casper Barrier and take Henry Lenard hostage.

• Colonel Patterson uses his sword to kill two of the Shawnees and the Indians then kill Colonel Patterson.

• The Indians behead Phillip Barger as they leave Draper's Meadow.

• After traveling for some time, Mary forces herself to pay attention to the landscape so that she can recognize it if she has the chance to escape.

• Mary tells her group that they should act with dignity because the Indians will respect that.

• Mary...

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