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Julia L. Sauer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the ladies find Greta's comment about the duke's marriage humorous?
(a) They don't believe he is the marrying type.
(b) He's very old.
(c) He has gotten divorced.
(d) Marina is his sister.

2. How does Retha speak to Anthony?
(a) Loudly and distinctly.
(b) Softly and gently.
(c) She doesn't speak to him.
(d) In sign language.

3. What do Retha and Greta do to prepare for the tea?
(a) Boil the water.
(b) Set the table.
(c) Butter the bread.
(d) Pick flowers.

4. What does Greta believe is her horizon?
(a) Blue Cove.
(b) The ocean.
(c) The fog.
(d) The shore.

5. Where does Laleah want to bury her husband.
(a) At sea.
(b) In his family's plot.
(c) She's refusing to allow him to be buried.
(d) In her family's plot.

6. Besides Greta, who else is visiting in church?
(a) Mrs. Trask.
(b) Mrs. Stanton.
(c) A pirate.
(d) Anthony.

7. When did Greta's father get the knife?
(a) His eighteenth birthday.
(b) His tenth birthday.
(c) His twentieth birthday.
(d) His twelfth birthday.

8. What has happened at Blue Cove?
(a) A strange ship is in the harbor.
(b) There has been an accident.
(c) There has been a wedding.
(d) There is sickness in the town.

9. What does Retha say to Greta when she leaves?
(a) She tries to give her an egg cup.
(b) Retha is not home when Greta leaves.
(c) She asks to go with Greta.
(d) She says she will miss her.

10. Where is Retha?
(a) Up the shore with her father.
(b) At a friend's home.
(c) Asleep.
(d) At school.

11. Who is in command of the ship at that time?
(a) The galley slave.
(b) Laleah Cornwall.
(c) No one.
(d) The mess officer.

12. Where do the women gather after church?
(a) Greta's home.
(b) The Morrill home.
(c) Anthony's home.
(d) The church basement.

13. In which city did Mrs. Stanton not have friends at whose homes she could rest?
(a) Windsor.
(b) Blue Cove.
(c) Annapolis Royal.
(d) Little Valley.

14. What has happened since Greta was there last?
(a) Mrs. Stanton has come back.
(b) Princess had kittens.
(c) Retha has died.
(d) Anthony has started talking.

15. Which lady suggests they light the room with candles?
(a) Mrs. Morrill.
(b) Mrs. Trask.
(c) Mrs. Morehouse.
(d) Mrs. Denton.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the Morrills doing when Greta arrives?

2. How does Greta feel about Mrs. Trask?

3. How many children does Mrs. Stanton have?

4. What distracts Greta from Blue Cove in September?

5. Why does Captain Cheney go back to the shore?

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