Fog Magic Short Essay - Answer Key

Julia L. Sauer
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1. What are some of the reasons that the people of Little Valley dislike the fog?

The farmers dislike the fog because it keeps their hay from drying properly. The fishermen don't like it because it either keeps them from fishing, or it makes their jobs more difficult and more dangerous.

2. Are there any people in the village who do like the fog?

Greta is born with a strange love for the fog. The lobster poachers also like the fog because it gives them a cover so that they can steal from other people's lobster pots or so they can catch lobster out of season.

3. How does Greta's mother keep her from wandering into the fog?

She ties the girl to the end of a clothesline attached to a tree in the yard so that she cannot wander away.

4. What circumstances cause Greta to first see something in the fog?

When Greta is bringing Rosie the cow home from where she has wandered off, Greta first sees the shape of a house in the fog where there had been no house before. Because Greta is supposed to be taking the cow home, however, she is not able to stop and explore the house.

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