Objects & Places from Fog Magic

Julia L. Sauer
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Little Valley

This is the name of the fishing village where Greta Addington and her parents live.

The Fog

To Greta, this object is magical.

North Mountain

This object runs the length of the peninsula where Little Valley is located.

Post Road

This is where Greta encounters the first person from Blue Cove, Mrs. Trask, who is driving her horse and carriage.

The Spruce Forest

This is where Greta find Rosie, the family dairy cow, when the cow runs away.

Blue Cove

This is a fishing village, abandoned years before, where Greta meets and builds strong relationships with the spirits who still exist in the village.

The Morrill Home

It is here that Greta spends most of her time while in Blue Cove.


This is the name of the city to which Mrs. Stanton travels on foot.

The Government House Ball

It is to this event that...

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