Fog Magic Fun Activities

Julia L. Sauer
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Make fog in a bottle

Students can use a bottle or jar to make fog. To do this, fill the jar with hot water. After the water has been in the jar about 60 seconds, pour out all but a one inch deep level. Put a strainer bag over the top of the jar. Fill the bag with ice. The vapor from the hot water will form fog when it comes in contact with the ice.

Make a model

Make a drawing or three-dimensional model of the Morrill home.

Build a model of the island

Make a drawing or three-dimensional model of the island on which the towns of Little Valley and, at one time, Blue Cove were located.

Create a story

Write a story that you think might fit Anthony's past and explain his conditions. You may write your story based on clues given in the novel, or...

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