Fog Magic Character Descriptions

Julia L. Sauer
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Greta Addington

This character is the eleven-year-old heroine of Fog Magic who has a fascination with the fog.

Laura Morrill

This character gives the heroine a piece of strawberry pie to take home with her the first time that they meet.

Walter Addington

This character is the heroine's father.

Gertrude Addington

This character is the heroine's mother.

Old Man Himion

This character is the first person that the heroine sees in the fog.

Mrs. Trask

This character takes the heroine to the Morrill house.


This character is a large grey cat that the heroine meets in Blue Cove.

Retha Morrill

This character, who lives in Blue Cove, is about the same age as the heroine.

Mrs. Stanton

A greedy man is trying to take this character's land away.

Leah Cornwall

This character takes over command of a ship after the captain dies of yellow fever.

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