Fog Magic Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Julia L. Sauer
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Chapter 1: The Spell of the Fog

• Even as a baby, Greta Addington loved the fog.

• One day while searching for a lost cow, Greta sees the outline of a house where there once was none.

• Greta's father talks her mother into letting Greta explore the fog.

Chapter 2: The House at the Fork

• When exploring the fog one day, Greta sees the house again.

• She also sees the figure of Old Man Himion in the fog.

• Greta is given a ride over the mountain by a woman in a plum colored dress.

Chapter 3: The Village Over the Mountain

• Greta arrives at Blue Cove.

• She is led to the Morrill house by Princess the cat.

• Greta and Retha explore the village together.

• Greta realizes she must go home when the fog starts to lift.

• Greta is sad when she returns home to discover that her piece of pie is gone...

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