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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Susan see Friday working when she awakens her first morning on the island?
(a) In the water by the shore.
(b) At a stone stove.
(c) In a crop field.
(d) Up high in a tree.

2. Where do Cruso and Friday sleep, when Susan first meets them?
(a) In hammocks made of vines.
(b) On the earth.
(c) Cruso on a bottom bunk, Friday on the top.
(d) Cruso on a bed and Friday on a mat.

3. What do Cruso and Friday work on everyday, when Susan first arrives on the island?
(a) The crop field.
(b) Making tools.
(c) Improvements to the shelter.
(d) The terraces.

4. What does Cruso tell Susan about the laws of the island?
(a) "The only law is to do what I say."
(b) "The laws are meant for the protection of us all."
(c) "The only law is we will work for our bread."
(d) "There are no laws."

5. Why does Cruso tell Susan he has not tried to record his memories?
(a) He hasn't forgetten anything worth remembering.
(b) Forgetting is the greatest blessing of the island.
(c) He doesn't think anyone will ever read it.
(d) He cannot write.

Short Answer Questions

1. What best describes Cruso's appearance?

2. Where does Susan sleep on her first night on the island?

3. Why doesn't Friday speak to Susan?

4. What does Susan say was her father's name?

5. How does Susan describe the rhythm of the wind and rain on the island in Part One?

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