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Lesson 1 (from Part I)


Part I

Susan's negative impressions of the island form much of the reader's impression of her surroundings, despite the fact that both Cruso and Friday seem content there. Susan describes the stink of the seaweed, the annoyance of the sand fleas and apes, and the scarcity and monotony of the food. The overall impression is that this island setting is one of discomfort. Later, this is compared and contrasted to life aboard the Hobart. This lesson explores the use of setting in Part One.


1) Written journal response- Describe the setting and discuss how specific elements of the island setting impact relationships of the three characters that live there.

2) Partner Activity- Create a three columned chart that lists aspects of the island as positive, negative or neutral. Discuss whose perceptions these are based upon. Would other characters support those characterizations? Identify the aspect of setting that...

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