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Read the fictionalized memoir titled Boyhood by J.M.Coetzee. Write and present to the class your observations about how this man's life impacted the novel, Foe.

Robinson Crusoe

Read Robinson Cruso and compare and contrast the original novel with Foe.

Bulletin Board

Create a class room bulletin board based upon a specific character, theme or scene from Foe.

Picture in Four Parts

Create an artistic representation of the four different sections of the novel, using any medium you choose.

Foe Poem

Write a poem that depict Susan's story, or any other part of the novel, Foe.

Power of Words

Using words of importance from the novel create a crossword puzzle for the class.

Travel Brochure

Based on descriptions of the island given in Foe, create a travel brochure to entice people to the island. Be sure to include both pictures and text.

Rewrite History

Research the...

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