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Part I

• A woman castaway swims ashore an island.
• Susan is carried by Friday to Cruso's castle shelter.
• Susan tells the story of her abducted daughter and mutinied ship.
• Each day, Cruso and Friday work on terraces.
• Susan discovers that Friday's tongue has been cut out.
• Cruso is ill with a fever for 12 days, and is nursed by Susan.
• A ship, the Hobart, arrives and Friday runs away.
• Friday and Cruso are forced to leave the island on the Hobart.
• Susan becomes fonder of Cruso while she cares him on this ship during his illness.
• Cruso dies and is buried at sea.

Part II

• Susan sends a series of letters to Mr. Foe whom she has hired to write her story.
• Susan gets an apartment and Friday lives in the cellar.
• Susan is concerned when Mr. Foe's letter is returned unopened.
• Susan discovers that Mr. Foe has been...

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