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Short Answer Questions

1. What image in the mirror occupies Minnie as she prepares to get ready for dinner?

2. Who does Minnie want Sophie to show her work to?

3. Sophie will accept Frank as long as __________.

4. What does Sophie show Minnie when Fannie goes to bed?

5. Why does Miss Leah begin to have children so early?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Minnie's attitude in regard to London and Nicodemus? How does she feel about each place and why?

2. What does Miss Leah continue to do with Minnie's daughter that she is most famous for?

3. Frank quickly passes Fannie and Miss Leah but stops to talk with Sophie. Why does he react so differently with the women?

4. What commonality do Sophie and Frank share, but react differently to?

5. What is Minnie thinking while Frank beats her up in Act 2, Scene 3?

6. Describe Fannie and Sophie's introduction to Frank.

7. Minnie asks Sophie whether she likes Frank, and Sophie does not admit how she really feels. Why doesn't Sophie share her true feelings despite her strong personality?

8. Describe Nicodemus and its people. How do they feel about one another? What feelings do one from there?

9. What is Frank so proud of about his life in London, and why?

10. Who is Wil Parrish and what does his history say about him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Frank's insecurities and how it comes out throughout the play.

Essay Topic 2

Research Kansas as it was in the 1890s and write about what daily life is like for an African American there. How well do the characters in the play portray the average black person in Kansas of those times?

Essay Topic 3

Wil speaks of the significance of memories, good and bad. How are memories important in what makes up a person?

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