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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Sophie and Fannie walk in on Minnie and Frank?
(a) Frank walks toward Minnie with a raised hand.
(b) Minnie pushes Frank.
(c) Frank pushes Minnie.
(d) Frank slaps Minnie.

2. What does the sisters' ritual celebrate?
(a) Their freedom.
(b) Independence of men.
(c) Their womanhood.
(d) The fact that they are property owners.

3. Who is at home waiting to see Minnie?
(a) Miss Baker.
(b) Wil Parrish.
(c) Miss Leah.
(d) Miss Lewiston.

4. What does Frank pass as when in town?
(a) A gambling hustler.
(b) A homesteader.
(c) A speculator.
(d) A white man.

5. What is Fannie working on with Miss Leah and others in Nicodemus?
(a) Opening a school.
(b) Plans to expand Nicodemus.
(c) Writing a book of their stories.
(d) Negotiable prices for speculators.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do white folks call Nicodemus?

2. According to Sophie, a homesteader needs _________ to survive.

3. What does Sophie think about Wil's feelings toward Fannie?

4. What does Sophie show Minnie when Fannie goes to bed?

5. What does Frank hate about the U.S.?

Short Essay Questions

1. The opening scene of Act I Scene IV has Miss Leah, Sophie, and Fannie awake, while Minnie and Frank are the last to get up. How does this indicate how each of them leads their lives?

2. Frank quickly passes Fannie and Miss Leah but stops to talk with Sophie. Why does he react so differently with the women?

3. Miss Leah is not usually one to stand silent, but when it comes to domestic abuse she says very little. Why doesn't Miss Leah say anything to Minnie even though she knows Frank is likely to hit again?

4. When Minnie first wakes up in Act 1, Scene 4, Miss Leah remarks that Minnie is looking more like herself this morning. What does she mean by this?

5. Why does Minnie hand the deed over to Sophie when she retrieves it?

6. Describe Fannie and Sophie's introduction to Frank.

7. Who is Wil Parrish and what does his history say about him?

8. How do so many black people end up in Nicodemus, Kansas? What are they all looking for?

9. Wil mentions that he does not understand black-on-black crime when they have enough to deal with from white folk. Why would this not apply to Frank?

10. Frank learns from his poker friends that the sisters are sitting on land that is worth a lot of money. How does this knowledge foreshadow events?

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