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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Frank return to the house in Act 2, Scene 5?
(a) He wants to boast his successes to Sophie.
(b) He wants to see Minnie again.
(c) He thinks Minnie is preparing to leave with him.
(d) He expects Fannie to go to the land office with him.

2. When is the first thing Frank does when he reads the telegram?
(a) Yell at Minnie that it is her fault.
(b) Leaves the house for a walk.
(c) Furiously writes a response to the sender.
(d) Goes to his room to drink.

3. What hurts Sophie's feelings enough to stop her from advising Minnie?
(a) Minnie tells Sophie she doesn't know what love is.
(b) Miss Leah tells Sophie this is one time she should learn to shut her trap.
(c) Minnie tells Sophie she thinks she is so high and mighty when she is not.
(d) Fannie tells Sophie she is too harsh of a woman.

4. When does Miss Leah go west?
(a) When all her children dies.
(b) When James dies.
(c) The day the Homestead Act is enacted.
(d) As soon as she is freed.

5. What news does Frank flaunt to make Sophie angry?
(a) A second telegram informs Frank he has legal rights to some money from his father.
(b) He just bought out a piece of land right next to Sophie.
(c) Minnie plans to sell her share of the land and return to London.
(d) His name is on Minnie's deed.

6. What is Frank's attitude when he encounters Sophie by the yard?
(a) Smug.
(b) Guilt-ridden.
(c) Fearful.
(d) Nervous.

7. Who comes by with a telegram for Frank?
(a) The white men from the train.
(b) A courier.
(c) Mr. Baker.
(d) Wil Parrish.

8. What does Fannie think about Frank's feelings toward Minnie?
(a) She thinks he will likely hit her again.
(b) She believes he is sorry.
(c) She still believes Minnie should leave him.
(d) She thinks Frank loves Minnie but sometimes circumstances can be hard.

9. What do the sister's give Minnie for her 21st birthday?
(a) A deed to all their land in Nicodemus, Kansas.
(b) A deed to a third of the property.
(c) A paid for passage ticket back to London.
(d) An expensive dress so she wouldn't miss London so much.

10. How does Sophie's speech go at church?
(a) There are many arguments that the money is too much to refuse.
(b) Not many people stay to hear her speak.
(c) Sophie gets nervous and stammers the entire time.
(d) Well.

11. Frank threatens to do what to Minnie in Act 2, scene 2?
(a) Leave her in Kansas.
(b) Kill her and her family.
(c) Bring her to town and sell her off.
(d) Purposefully cause a miscarriage.

12. What stops Frank and Minnie from returning to their old life in London?
(a) Minnie wants to stay close to home.
(b) Frank has too many enemies back in London.
(c) Frank needs to argue with his brothers for more money.
(d) Absolutely no money to buy him a passage ticket back.

13. What does Wil think of bad memories?
(a) He can do without them.
(b) They make the good ones sweeter.
(c) His life would be empty if he did not have any bad memories.
(d) There are too many too count for a black man.

14. What does Miss Leah insinuate when she says Sophie is out all week not to swing votes but for other reasons?
(a) Sophie is working on the speculators as much as her speech.
(b) Sophie is planning something sneaky to swing the vote.
(c) Sophie is avoiding Minnie.
(d) Sophie is avoiding Frank.

15. What is Minnie most concerned about the day after Frank pushes her in front of her sisters?
(a) Sophie's reactions.
(b) Her baby.
(c) What Miss Leah thinks about Frank.
(d) Frank's well-being.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fannie say to make Frank believe she is on his side?

2. What does Miss Leah prepare Minnie to help her calm her nerves?

3. What finally calms Frank down after reading the telegram?

4. What does Minnie say that shows some doubt about her forgiveness for Frank?

5. What plan does Miss Leah have for Frank?

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