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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What stops Frank and Minnie from returning to their old life in London?
(a) Frank needs to argue with his brothers for more money.
(b) Absolutely no money to buy him a passage ticket back.
(c) Frank has too many enemies back in London.
(d) Minnie wants to stay close to home.

2. What does Minnie reveal about Frank's current situation in Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) Frank just found out his father is not his real father.
(b) Frank owes money from gambling in London.
(c) His family has disowned him now that his father is dead.
(d) Frank is not getting work as a poet.

3. What does Frank fear most in his life since receiving the telegram?
(a) Minnie leaving him.
(b) Sophie.
(c) Becoming an ordinary colored person.
(d) Being killed.

4. What rude advice does Frank give Sophie?
(a) To stop trying to make Nicodemus something it will never be.
(b) If she's smart enough, she'll know when to shut her trap.
(c) To stop being high and mighty.
(d) To learn when to mind her own business.

5. What is Minnie most concerned about the day after Frank pushes her in front of her sisters?
(a) What Miss Leah thinks about Frank.
(b) Frank's well-being.
(c) Her baby.
(d) Sophie's reactions.

6. What finally calms Frank down after reading the telegram?
(a) Minnie's support to head back to New Orleans to handle his issues.
(b) The white men from the train offer him a job.
(c) Knowing Minnie has land that is worth a lot of money.
(d) Knowing he has a place to stay in the meantime.

7. Sophie makes a speech in church about the speculators and selling the land. When will the vote take place from the time she gives her speech?
(a) The same day.
(b) The next day.
(c) The next week.
(d) Not for another month.

8. What is Frank's reaction to Fannie's offer?
(a) He wants some time to consider it.
(b) He is appalled by Fannie's boldness.
(c) So long as he gets his money, he is happy.
(d) He does not agree but is willing to talk and compromise.

9. What does Frank ask for in Act 2, Scene 5 that Fannie refuses?
(a) A glass of water.
(b) Milk.
(c) Fannie's deed.
(d) A loan.

10. In the family, Fannie can be considered __________.
(a) The sister who chooses to ignore what does not directly affect her.
(b) The bravest.
(c) The instigator.
(d) The peacemaker.

11. What does Miss Leah share about her past concerning her children?
(a) She never gave successful birth while a slave and paid for it.
(b) All her children are the little ones she worked next to on the plantation.
(c) She was able to find two of her sold children after she was freed.
(d) She gave birth to ten that were sold and five while free.

12. What does Sophie shift in her arm that alarms Frank as they talk?
(a) A shotgun.
(b) A thick piece of fire wood.
(c) A scythe.
(d) A crowbar.

13. Where is Minnie while Fannie and Miss Leah prepares dinner and Frank speaks with Sophie in the yard?
(a) Resting in the bedroom.
(b) In town.
(c) At church.
(d) Out for a walk.

14. Why does Frank return to the house in Act 2, Scene 5?
(a) He thinks Minnie is preparing to leave with him.
(b) He expects Fannie to go to the land office with him.
(c) He wants to boast his successes to Sophie.
(d) He wants to see Minnie again.

15. What happens to Miss Leah's children after she is free?
(a) They all die from fever.
(b) They are killed by natives when they move out west.
(c) They die from illnesses on the way out west.
(d) They are kidnapped and lynched.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character in Act II Scene IV carries a shotgun at the front porch?

2. Who comes by with a telegram for Frank?

3. What excuse does Minnie give to justify forgiveness for Frank's behavior?

4. What news does Frank receive from his telegram?

5. What does Miss Leah insinuate when she says Sophie is out all week not to swing votes but for other reasons?

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