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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where among the sisters does Minnie fit?
(a) She is an adopted child.
(b) She is the eldest.
(c) She is the middle child.
(d) She is the youngest.

2. What does Miss Leah think of James, the father of her children?
(a) She could have loved him if it was her choice.
(b) She loves him more than anything else.
(c) She has no feelings toward the man.
(d) She despises him.

3. Why are Minnie and Frank visiting the U.S.?
(a) To handle Minnie's share of property.
(b) Solely to visit Sophie and Fannie.
(c) To handle Frank's father's will.
(d) To visit Miss Leah before she passes on.

4. When Frank walks aggressively toward Minnie what is Sophie's reaction?
(a) She lunges toward Frank.
(b) She punches Frank in the face.
(c) She steps in front of Minnie to protect her.
(d) She aims a shotgun at him.

5. What does Sophie carry with her on her way back from grocery shopping in town?
(a) An axe.
(b) A chicken.
(c) Wood.
(d) A shotgun.

6. Why is it difficult for Frank to miss colored people?
(a) He is mistreated by blacks wherever he goes.
(b) He never knew many black people.
(c) He never had that community feeling to miss it.
(d) He regrets treating slaves badly when he was younger.

7. How can the reader tell Sophie is older than Fannie?
(a) Sophie uses a cane.
(b) Sophie makes better coffee.
(c) Fannie is described as wearing girlish clothing.
(d) Fannie often defers to what Sophie says.

8. Who comes to help Fannie and Sophie pick up Minnie and Frank?
(a) Mr. Lewiston.
(b) Wil Parrish.
(c) Miss Leah.
(d) Mr. Baker.

9. What does Sophie show Minnie when Fannie goes to bed?
(a) Fannie's paintings.
(b) Miss Leah's surprise quilt for Minnie.
(c) Sophie's plans for Nicodemus.
(d) Fannie's writings.

10. What troubles Frank about his racial history?
(a) He is part white.
(b) He is part Native American.
(c) He looks white.
(d) He is part black.

11. How does Wil show he is a good man?
(a) He helps whomever whenever he can.
(b) He carries a shotgun and watches over the women's safety.
(c) He stands up to Frank when he says disrespectful things to the women.
(d) He is the only one to help Miss Leah walk without a cane.

12. Where is Frank originally from?
(a) London.
(b) New Orleans.
(c) Memphis.
(d) Paris.

13. What does Minnie wear upon arrival that indicates her lifestyle away from Kansas?
(a) Braids.
(b) Furs.
(c) A homely dress.
(d) Pants.

14. What is Sophie trying to convince the Negroes of Nicodemus?
(a) To sell their land to speculators for a certain price.
(b) To open up a school.
(c) To learn how to read.
(d) Not to sell their land to speculators.

15. What is in Frank's hand when he finally arrives back home?
(a) A shotgun.
(b) A flask.
(c) A bottle of whiskey.
(d) Flowers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Sophie's attitude toward Frank when they first meet?

2. Wil Parrish can be described as _________.

3. What does Minnie miss about colored people?

4. Frank can be considered what about prairie life?

5. What is Frank's attitude from the start?

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