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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Wil's feelings toward Fannie?
(a) He admires her.
(b) He disrespects her.
(c) He dislikes the way she handles home life.
(d) He thinks she can be boring.

2. What does Frank hate about the U.S.?
(a) Segregation.
(b) The weather.
(c) Nothing.
(d) The lack of appreciation for poetry.

3. What is Frank's attitude from the start?
(a) He is nervous about Sophie and Fannie's opinion of him.
(b) He is excited to meet Minnie's family.
(c) He is competitive with Wil.
(d) He does not want to be there.

4. Frank is __________ about being called a colored poet.
(a) Happy.
(b) Defensive.
(c) Proud.
(d) Appalled.

5. What does Wil bring when he arrives to dinner?
(a) Flowers for Miss Leah.
(b) Flowers for Fannie.
(c) Flowers for Sophie.
(d) Flowers for Minnie.

6. How does Fannie prefer Minnie deal with her injury?
(a) Fannie thinks Minnie should talk about it only to Frank.
(b) Fannie prefers to not talk about it at all.
(c) Quietly among family only.
(d) Openly and not hidden.

7. Upon her entrance, it is apparent Minnie is __________.
(a) Pretentious.
(b) Fashionable.
(c) In poor condition.
(d) Sad.

8. How does Minnie first react to moving abroad?
(a) She focuses on her work more than her surroundings.
(b) She is scared of the novelty.
(c) She does not care as long as she is with Frank.
(d) She is excited about the different culture.

9. Out of all the sisters, what does Miss Leah count on Minnie doing?
(a) Care for the farm.
(b) Care for Miss Leah.
(c) Have children.
(d) Go to college.

10. What does the reader discover about Sophie's past?
(a) She is a mulatto.
(b) She was part of the Underground Railroad.
(c) She is a mestizo.
(d) She came from a well-respected and educated family.

11. What surprises Miss Leah about Minnie's life abroad?
(a) There is still slavery.
(b) Black people get to vote.
(c) The education system is not segregated between blacks and whites.
(d) There are no Jim Crow laws.

12. What is Minnie doing when Act I, Scene IV ends?
(a) Sewing happily with Miss Leah.
(b) Timidly rocking back and forth on the porch.
(c) Giving Frank a kiss goodbye as he leaves for town.
(d) Undoing her plaits.

13. Wil Parrish can be described as _________.
(a) Stoic.
(b) Excitable.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Kind.

14. Why are Fannie, Sophie, and Minnie staying up so late at night?
(a) They are waiting for Frank to come home.
(b) They are discussing the expansion plans of Nicodemus.
(c) They are preparing for their ritual.
(d) They are waiting to hear from Wil Parrish.

15. What is the relationship between Sophie and Miss Leah?
(a) Mother and daughter.
(b) Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.
(c) Neighbors.
(d) Grandmother and grandchild.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Wil show he is a good man?

2. Who does Minnie want Sophie to show her work to?

3. Where among the sisters does Minnie fit?

4. How does Minnie explain her injury?

5. What does Frank do with Minnie before she meets his friends?

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