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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the only one to not say goodnight to Miss Leah?
(a) Sophie.
(b) Fannie.
(c) Wil.
(d) Frank.

2. What is Sophie celebrating when Miss Leah enters her home?
(a) Her Birthday.
(b) Her sister coming home.
(c) An end to worrying.
(d) Fannie's birthday.

3. What does Miss Leah think of James, the father of her children?
(a) She loves him more than anything else.
(b) She has no feelings toward the man.
(c) She despises him.
(d) She could have loved him if it was her choice.

4. Where among the sisters does Minnie fit?
(a) She is an adopted child.
(b) She is the middle child.
(c) She is the eldest.
(d) She is the youngest.

5. Why does Miss Leah stay with Sophie and Fannie rather than in her own home?
(a) Miss Leah is in marital trouble.
(b) Miss Leah is older and needs the younger women's help.
(c) Miss Leah's home is being sold.
(d) Miss Leah's home is not equipped for winter.

6. What does Frank give Fannie as a gift?
(a) A poster.
(b) Pretty stationary and pen.
(c) A sample of Frank's writings.
(d) An autographed book of Dunbar poetry.

7. Why is it difficult for Frank to miss colored people?
(a) He never knew many black people.
(b) He regrets treating slaves badly when he was younger.
(c) He is mistreated by blacks wherever he goes.
(d) He never had that community feeling to miss it.

8. Minnie and Frank's relationship can be described as __________.
(a) Female dominant.
(b) Equal.
(c) Unconditionally loving.
(d) Male dominant.

9. How does Minnie explain her injury?
(a) She was dancing and fell in the street.
(b) She fell on the train.
(c) She was cutting wood.
(d) She slipped when in New Orleans.

10. What is Frank's attitude from the start?
(a) He does not want to be there.
(b) He is competitive with Wil.
(c) He is nervous about Sophie and Fannie's opinion of him.
(d) He is excited to meet Minnie's family.

11. What news does Minnie yell to stop Sophie from hurting Frank?
(a) That she loves Frank.
(b) That it is Minnie's fault.
(c) That Minnie is pregnant.
(d) That Sophie is overreacting.

12. What rule does Sophie want to pass in Nicodemus?
(a) That everyone has the freedom to privately sell their land whenever and to whomever.
(b) That no one can sell their land unless there is a town vote.
(c) That everyone must attend literacy courses.
(d) Those who sell their land must tell the rest of the town whom they are selling to.

13. What news does Sophie get from Miss Lewiston?
(a) Miss Lewiston will not be able to teach school in the spring.
(b) Miss Lewiston cannot come to help care for Miss Leah.
(c) Miss Lewiston will not be able to lend her wagon to Sophie.
(d) Miss Baker just gave birth to a healthy child.

14. What about Frank is Minnie proud of?
(a) His easy nature.
(b) His looks and travel experience.
(c) His riches.
(d) His father's status.

15. What does Minnie wear upon arrival that indicates her lifestyle away from Kansas?
(a) Braids.
(b) Pants.
(c) A homely dress.
(d) Furs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank do while in town?

2. What does Sophie show Minnie when Fannie goes to bed?

3. What does the sisters' ritual celebrate?

4. Wil Parrish can be described as _________.

5. Sophie, Fannie, and Minnie's relationship is _________.

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