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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Minnie's mother, why don't some black women leave their husbands when they are abusive?
(a) It is dishonorable.
(b) They have to deal with the white folks first.
(c) If the man is good to the children, the mother will sacrifice herself.
(d) Because they still love them.

2. How does Sophie show her appreciation to Wil for fixing her fence?
(a) She invites him to dinner.
(b) She bakes him a pie.
(c) She sends Fannie to tell him thank you.
(d) She sends him flowers.

3. How does Fannie show Frank a warm welcome?
(a) She kisses his cheek.
(b) She gives him a bear hug.
(c) She smiles warmly at him.
(d) She shakes his hand for a long time.

4. What does Minnie miss about colored people?
(a) The way they look.
(b) Their strength in surviving anything.
(c) The natural comraderie.
(d) Their songs and stories.

5. What does Sophie shift in her arm that alarms Frank as they talk?
(a) A shotgun.
(b) A thick piece of fire wood.
(c) A crowbar.
(d) A scythe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Wil is raised by whom?

2. What happens when Sophie and Fannie walk in on Minnie and Frank?

3. Sophie will accept Frank as long as __________.

4. About a week after Frank's physical outburst, Act 2, Scene 2 opens up with everyone getting ready to go where?

5. Why are Fannie, Sophie, and Minnie staying up so late at night?

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