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Objective: The setting is during the late 1800s, after slavery has ended and Jim Crow laws are in effect. The objective is to understand these laws and how it affects the play's characters in their old life in Memphis and in their new life in Kansas.

1. Split the students into six groups. Each group is to prepare a seven-minute presentation on either Jim Crow laws in Memphis, Jim Crow laws in Kansas, the Homestead Act, Reconstruction, the general laws of Kansas around the 1890s, or the general history of the founding of Nicodemus.

2. Discuss as a class how all the information from the presentation affects the people of Nicodemus. How does it affect older folks, like Miss Leah? How do the younger ones, like Minnie, see these laws?

3. Sophie has many plans for Nicodemus. Break up into small groups and discuss how these laws and acts affect...

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