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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What have the men reached?
(a) The tidewater.
(b) Amsterdam.
(c) England.
(d) The lake into which the river flows.

2. Why must the men exhibit extreme caution now?
(a) Napoleon's agents routinely patrol this area.
(b) They are free of France and do not need to be cautious any more.
(c) There is a battle going on nearby.
(d) There are posters of them hung on the town's boards.

3. Who builds a boat?
(a) Bush and Brown.
(b) Bertrand and his sons.
(c) Hornblower and Brown.
(d) Felix and his son-in-law.

4. What is the Witch of Endor?
(a) The local apothecary.
(b) A Former English boat.
(c) An American merchant vessel.
(d) A captured pirate vessel.

5. About what does Hornblower feel ashamed?
(a) His impatience with Bush's handicap.
(b) His envy of Brown's popularity.
(c) His relationship with the Count's daughter-in-law.
(d) His fear of dying.

6. What does Hornblower learn in a letter from Barbara?
(a) That she is nursing her husband back to health.
(b) That she adopted his son.
(c) That Marie died quickly and peacefully.
(d) That she left her husband.

7. What is the nickname of the commander of the fleet?
(a) Jimmy the Hand.
(b) Sad Face.
(c) Jimmy the Pirate.
(d) Dismal Jimmy.

8. What does the kitchen make?
(a) Fifty pounds of ship's biscuits.
(b) Dried fruits and jerky.
(c) Fancy breads and pastries.
(d) Cordon Bleu.

9. What vessel do the men spot?
(a) The Nelson.
(b) The Triumph.
(c) The Java.
(d) The Leopard.

10. Why does Bush fret about the loss of his foot?
(a) It will make promotion, or even active-duty service, unlikely.
(b) It is still not healing well.
(c) It itches him though it's not there.
(d) It will reduce his chances at a good marriage.

11. What happens every few days?
(a) Hornblower and Brown spar to stay in shape.
(b) Local law enforcement makes various wide-area sweeps.
(c) Hornblower goes in disguise to listen to the local news at the tavern.
(d) Brown is sent out to spy.

12. What happens as weeks pass?
(a) Bush fully recovers.
(b) Brown learns to speak fluent French.
(c) Bush is still very weak and bedridden.
(d) Hornblower receives a letter from his wife.

13. About what does Hornblower continue to worry?
(a) His wife.
(b) Why they are no longer searching for them.
(c) His escape plans.
(d) His position in the Navy.

14. Why would Hornblower be shot immediately if caught?
(a) The French government would not admit to making a mistake.
(b) He would be considered a spy.
(c) So he couldn't escape again.
(d) So he could not ridicule the French government for making an inaccurate announcement.

15. How do the men propel the boat?
(a) They row.
(b) They drift with the current.
(c) They have a sail.
(d) They paddle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the men put in their boat?

2. What does Hornblower hope about Barbara?

3. What does Bush have great difficulty doing?

4. Who weeps when Brown says goodbye?

5. Of what does the fleet commander inform Hornblower?

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