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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does he notice laboring at the docks?
(a) Captured English citizens.
(b) Captured English sailors.
(c) Many Americans.
(d) Chain gains of slaves.

2. How many men were killed through the battle where Hornblower lost his ship?
(a) 2.
(b) 117.
(c) 44.
(d) 231.

3. What have the men reached?
(a) England.
(b) The tidewater.
(c) The lake into which the river flows.
(d) Amsterdam.

4. What are Gien, Sully, Ch√Ęteau-Neuf-sur-Loire, Jargeau, Orleans, and Beaugency?
(a) Towns which have been totally destroyed by the war.
(b) Towns through which the men pass.
(c) Names of some of the best French generals.
(d) The capitols of each French province through which they pass.

5. Why would Hornblower be shot immediately if caught?
(a) The French government would not admit to making a mistake.
(b) He would be considered a spy.
(c) So he couldn't escape again.
(d) So he could not ridicule the French government for making an inaccurate announcement.

6. What does the fleet commander announce concerning Bush?
(a) He will recommend the Navy retaining him.
(b) He will send him to England to be treated by the commander's person physician.
(c) He will retire him with full honors and a stipend.
(d) He is promoted to commander of the vessel Hornblower and he captured.

7. What does Hornblower do the next morning after rescue?
(a) Visits the men whom he liberated and offers them service in the English navy.
(b) Delivers a more detailed accounting of their adventures.
(c) Asks for permission to sail to England.
(d) Sets the men he captured afloat in a small boat.

8. What does the kitchen make?
(a) Fancy breads and pastries.
(b) Fifty pounds of ship's biscuits.
(c) Cordon Bleu.
(d) Dried fruits and jerky.

9. What news does Hornblower receive?
(a) That his son is born and well.
(b) That his wife thought him dead and remarries.
(c) That he is the proud father of twins.
(d) That his wife dies in childbirth.

10. What do the men put in their boat?
(a) Supplies and fishing gear.
(b) Not many supplies because it would look suspicious.
(c) Several weapons.
(d) Supplies and Hornblower and Bushe's swords hidden away.

11. Of what does the fleet commander assure Hornblower?
(a) That he will do all he can to keep Bush in the navy.
(b) That Brown will be assigned to a vesself of his choice.
(c) That the commander's decree is routine procedure.
(d) That he will do all he can to ensure that Bush retains his field promotion.

12. Why must the men exhibit extreme caution now?
(a) There is a battle going on nearby.
(b) There are posters of them hung on the town's boards.
(c) They are free of France and do not need to be cautious any more.
(d) Napoleon's agents routinely patrol this area.

13. What does Hornblower hope about Barbara?
(a) That she mourns his death.
(b) That she will wait longer to find another man if her husband dies.
(c) That she is a widow.
(d) That she is well.

14. What is the nickname of the commander of the fleet?
(a) Dismal Jimmy.
(b) Jimmy the Hand.
(c) Sad Face.
(d) Jimmy the Pirate.

15. How many men were wounded?
(a) 145.
(b) 33.
(c) 221.
(d) 580.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the newspapers announce finally?

2. What happens to the searches?

3. Who is in charge of the fleet the Triumph and Hornblower's ship rejoins?

4. What arrives over the next few days?

5. What does Hornblower notice about Brown as they are leaving?

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