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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is commanding the English fleet that is attacking in the harbor?
(a) Captain Aubrey.
(b) Captain Stone.
(c) Admiral Leighton.
(d) Admiral Nelson.

2. What alarms Hornblower about the travel?
(a) The way the French soldiers stay so close to the carriage.
(b) The speed at which they are traveling.
(c) The fact that the people are so hostile to the Englishmen.
(d) The bumps that cause Bush terrible agony.

3. What is Brown doing for the first time in his life?
(a) Tending to Bush's wound.
(b) Traveling outside of England.
(c) Speaking on equal terms with Hornblower.
(d) Eating at a table with china and silverware.

4. What does Hornblower learn about Leighton?
(a) He is badly wounded.
(b) He is being relieved of command.
(c) He is being court martialed.
(d) He is promoted.

5. Why do they go to a house they see in the distance?
(a) They will freeze to death otherwise.
(b) They will bribe the owner for help.
(c) They know it is an English safe house.
(d) They plan to kill the occupants and hide out.

6. What offer by the Count does Hornblower decline?
(a) To speak to Napoleon on Hornblower's behalf.
(b) Smuggling him back to England immediately.
(c) The use of two loaded pistols.
(d) To stay there permenantly.

7. What does Hornblower observe about Marie's build?
(a) She is slender like a young woman.
(b) She has a very fetching figure.
(c) She is quite heavy.
(d) She is stout.

8. Why do Hornblower and Brown have to drag the boat free?
(a) It grounds in shallow water.
(b) It snags on an underwater log.
(c) It is caught in thick weeds.
(d) It is caught in a small water whirlpool.

9. How is Bush in the morning?
(a) Feverish.
(b) His stump is completely healed over.
(c) Much better.
(d) He is near death.

10. What does Hornblower announce as he knocks on the door?
(a) That he is a prisoner of war.
(b) That he is an English diplomat.
(c) That he is a French spy.
(d) That he is a French general.

11. What does Hornblower see that motivates him to form an escape plan?
(a) A rowboat.
(b) An English ship off the coast.
(c) Two English spies following the coach.
(d) Nothing.

12. What is the casualty count for Hornblower's crew?
(a) All but five of her crew die in the battle.
(b) Two thirds of her crew are killed or wounded.
(c) About one third of her crew are killed or wounded.
(d) All but five of her crew survive with no serious wounds.

13. Why does Hornblower choose Brown instead of his actual steward to make the journey to Paris with him?
(a) Because of Brown's powerful build and iron determination.
(b) Because Brown speaks French.
(c) Because his steward is too injured to travel.
(d) Because he wished to see his steward released in a prisoner exchange.

14. What can Hornblower see from his daily walks?
(a) The execution of some spies.
(b) His men being put to work as laborers.
(c) England across the sound.
(d) The ruined and dismasted wreck of his ship.

15. Who does the Count introduce?
(a) His daughter-in-law.
(b) His daughter.
(c) His sister.
(d) His mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who interviews Hornblower?

2. What is the year?

3. Why does the Colonel decide to go ahead with the transport of Bush and Hornblower despite Bush's injuries?

4. What happens to Hornblower's ship?

5. How many years has Brown been in the English navy?

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