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HMS Sutherland

A Dutch-build, English-captured 74-gun ship-of-the-line commanded by Hornblower prior to the opening of the novel.


A town and port on the Eastern, Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Fire Ship

When Admiral Leighton attacks the crippled French squadron at Rosas, he uses a weapon known as this.

Château Graçay

This is the rococo castle of the home where Hornblower and his two men took refuge in France for several months.

Bush's Wooden Leg

During his stay at Château Graçay Bush learns how to walk using this--the image is humorous as Bush has been convicted in absentia of piracy.


A town on the Loire River in southern France near the site where Hornblower, Bush and Brown make their escape from Caillard.

Loire River

The longest river in France, running over 600 miles in a roughly east-to-west direction and emptying into the Bay of Biscay...

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