Flying Colours Character Descriptions

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Captain Sir Horatio Hornblower, Knight of the Bath

This character is a post captain in the British Navy during the Napoleonic wars and commands the H.M.S. Sutherland.

Maria Ellen Hornblower née Mason

This character is the daughter of a landlady, who owned a tenement where Hornblower lived during the Peace of Amiens.

Richard Arthur Horatio Hornblower

This character survives his mother who dies in childbirth.

Lady Barbara Leighton née Wellesley

This character is the aristocratic, younger sister of two militarily and politically successful brothers.

William Bush

This character is a tallish man of great courage and dominant physical strength with satisfactory intelligence but no great insight.


This character is Hornblower's coxswain of lifelong naval service, though during the novel he acts more as a personal steward.

Colonel Jean-Baptiste Caillard

This character is a French official who escorts Hornblower and Bush from Roses, Spain...

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