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Chapters 1 and 2

• Captain Horatio Hornblower is in a Spanish prison, has been sentenced to death in absentia, and is to be transported to Paris shortly.

• Two thirds of the crew of the HMS Sutherland are killed or wounded and the survivors are also in the prison.

• Hornblower frets both about his pregnant wife and thinks of the love of his life, Barbara Leighton.

• He struggles with self-doubt about losing his ship--even though ordered into combat with four-to-one odds.
• Hornblower thinks a lot of his upcoming execution and visits his men daily and notes that many continue to die of their wounds.

• Hornblower observes an easy English victory off the coast, made possible by his previous engagement with the French.

• The HMS Sutherland is destroyed by the English, thus depriving the French of their prize.
• Hornblower interviews a captures English sailor from the battle Hornblower observes from prison.

• The...

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