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Chapter One: Three Mile Cross

• The breed of dog known as "Spaniel," was indigenous to Spain, and there were several explanations as to how the dogs came to be known as Spaniels.

• When the Carthaginians landed in Spain, they reportedly shouted, "Span! Span!" which was Carthaginian for rabbit.

• The country was named after the many rabbits that lived on the land and thus became Spain and the dogs who chased the rabbits were called Spaniels.

• Despite how exactly the Spaniel got its name, it was exported from Spain to Wales in the mid-tenth century where it became a breed that was held in high esteem.
• As centuries passed, the Spaniel evolved into seven different branches: The Clumber, the Sussex, the Norfolk, the Black Field, the Cocker, the Irish Water, and the English Water.

• Some features were considered undesirable such as a top-knot, curled ears, light eyes, and a...

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