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The Green Flash

Research the green flash, a phenomenon seen in the Florida skies around sunset. Write a few paragraphs discussing what you learn.

The Florida Keys

Create a brochure for tourists visiting the Florida Keys. List things that people might want to see and do.

Coral Queen

Draw a picture of the Coral Queen.

Grandpa Bobby

Write a short story about what happened to Grandpa Bobby after he went back to South America.


Discuss with a group the reasons why Paine and Donna might have refused to take money after Grandpa Bobby disappeared or when he returned.

Weather Report

Research the weather in the Florida Keys in July. Write a weather forecast for a typical day.

On the Scene

Imagine that you are a television reporter reporting live from Thunder Bay when the purple dye reveals the pollution from the Casino Queen.

Politcal Prisoner

Paine claimed...

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