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Essay Topic 1

Donna tells Noah that “being married to my father is like having another child to watch after, one who’s too big and unpredictable to put in time-out” (20). In what way is Paine like a child, and how do the events in the novel help him to become more responsible?

Essay Topic 2

Noah’s father says “fighting is for people who can’t win with their brains” (38). What is meant by that phrase and what does that phrase reveal about Paine and Noah?

Essay Topic 3

Paine and Jasper are sometimes characterized as troublemakers. How are they both troublemakers, and are the actions of either Paine or Jasper excusable?

Essay Topic 4

Noah comments that unlike his friends, he likes his sister. What type of relationship do Noah and Abbey have, and what does their relationship reveal about teamwork and family?

Essay Topic 5

In the novel, some characters...

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