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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprises the would-be pranksters at the bakery?
(a) Charlie makes people very happy by giving them free bread, and they start shopping at the bakery.
(b) Charlie is well-liked at the bar.
(c) Charlie checks with his boss before believing the wrong schedule.
(d) Charlie uses the dough mixer perfectly.

2. Where is Charlie when a random woman offers to go home with him?
(a) Central Park.
(b) The college.
(c) The hospital.
(d) A restaurant.

3. What does Fay do while Charlie is away at the peak of his intellectual abilities?
(a) Paints a picture of herself and Charlie.
(b) Searches for Charlie.
(c) Becomes good friends with Alice.
(d) Finds a new boyfriend.

4. Who observes Algernon in his old maze when Charlie returns him to the lab?
(a) Charlie.
(b) Nemur.
(c) Burt.
(d) Strauss.

5. What are the two categories of patients at the Warren State Home and Training School?
(a) Pleasant and Unpleasant.
(b) Tidy and Untidy.
(c) Active and Inactive.
(d) Lucid and Unconscious.

6. How does Charlie pretend to be a student at the college once his IQ hits 100?
(a) Carries a backpack.
(b) Writes nonsense in a notebook.
(c) Carries books around campus.
(d) Sits in on classes.

7. Why is Charlie's sister denied the promised reward for her A on the history test?
(a) She will not share the prize.
(b) She fails a spelling test on the same day.
(c) She is too haughty about her success.
(d) She is caught cheating.

8. What is Charlie's favorite kind of book to read when his IQ reaches 100?
(a) Romances.
(b) History.
(c) Classic novels.
(d) Mystery.

9. What does Charlie want to do before he begins his research?
(a) Make love to a woman.
(b) See his parents.
(c) Find his sister.
(d) Apologize to Alice.

10. What does Charlie realize about his childhood while he is at the party with Ellen?
(a) Kids would make fun of the way he talked when he thought they were his friends.
(b) Kids would steal his lunch and laugh at him.
(c) Kids would play tricks on him when they played hide and seek.
(d) Kids were cruel to him when they tripped him at recess.

11. What causes Charlie to start a fight with Nemur at the cocktail party thrown by Mrs. Nemur?
(a) He drinks too much.
(b) He hears Nemur call him a bad name.
(c) Alice says something rude to him.
(d) He feels ignored by the people at the party.

12. What does Charlie learn about Algernon at the conference for the International Psychological Association?
(a) He is now the smartest mammal in creation.
(b) His actions have become erratic.
(c) He is listless and bored.
(d) He is displaying a regression in intelligence.

13. How do Alice and Fay feel about each other when they meet one night at Charlie's apartment?
(a) They are annoyed by the other's presence.
(b) They hate each other.
(c) They pretend not to see each other.
(d) They like each other.

14. When does Charlie first realize that women's bodies are different than men's?
(a) When he is shown a dirty magazine.
(b) When he sees Norma in the shower.
(c) When he sees an old woman being bathed.
(d) When he sees his mother changing.

15. What does Charlie do to fit in and look smart once his IQ reaches 100 even though he knows it is silly?
(a) Wears his hats backwards.
(b) Wears University themed clothing.
(c) Takes a dance class.
(d) Smokes a pipe.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Charlie decide to celebrate his raise at the bakery?

2. Where does Charlie go when he leaves the conference?

3. What happens after the woman that confronts Charlie screams in response to what he does to her?

4. What does Nemur telll Charlie not to read about until Nemur says he is ready?

5. What does Charlie do that angers Alice when he picks her up from the Beekman college one day?

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