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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charlie wish he could see more clearly in his past memories?
(a) His surroundings.
(b) His parent's faces.
(c) His own body.
(d) His house.

2. What happens after the woman that confronts Charlie screams in response to what he does to her?
(a) Charlie sees a halucination of a little boy again.
(b) The woman cries.
(c) Charlie has a flash-back memory of his family.
(d) A crowd chases after him.

3. What does Charlie do that causes the random woman who confronts him to scream?
(a) Slaps her.
(b) Screams at her.
(c) Grabs her shoulder.
(d) Calls her filthy.

4. What does Charlie want to do before he begins his research?
(a) Make love to a woman.
(b) See his parents.
(c) Apologize to Alice.
(d) Find his sister.

5. What does Charlie promise himself he will do the next time he is out with Alice after he tells her he likes her?
(a) Ignore his funny feelings.
(b) Pretend he never said those things.
(c) Explain himself.
(d) Kiss her.

6. Where is the conference for the International Psychological Association being held?
(a) Detroit.
(b) Chicago.
(c) New York.
(d) Salt Lake.

7. How do Alice and Fay feel about each other when they meet one night at Charlie's apartment?
(a) They hate each other.
(b) They are annoyed by the other's presence.
(c) They pretend not to see each other.
(d) They like each other.

8. What does Charlie do to spoil the evening when he tells Alice that he likes her?
(a) Swears.
(b) Spills water on her.
(c) Passes gas.
(d) Drops his meal on the floor.

9. What does Charlie's sister once almost get as a reward for an A on a test?
(a) A dress.
(b) A cake.
(c) A dog.
(d) A bike.

10. How does Charlie decide to celebrate his raise at the bakery?
(a) Taking Miss Kinnian to a movie.
(b) Buying himself a new book.
(c) Going drinking with the guys from the bakery.
(d) Having dinner with Ellen

11. What do Charlie's friends from the bakery make him do with Ellen at a party?
(a) Walk her home.
(b) Kiss her.
(c) Dance with her.
(d) Talk with her.

12. What does Charlie think Nemur sees him as instead of a human being?
(a) A nuisance.
(b) A project.
(c) A specimen.
(d) An obligation.

13. What does Charlie see when he begins to put his arm around Alice at the concert in the park?
(a) His mother coming at him with a knife.
(b) His sister's face.
(c) A police officer staring at him with malice.
(d) An angry boy in the bushes watching him.

14. What causes Charlie to start a fight with Nemur at the cocktail party thrown by Mrs. Nemur?
(a) Alice says something rude to him.
(b) He feels ignored by the people at the party.
(c) He hears Nemur call him a bad name.
(d) He drinks too much.

15. How does Fanny Biden think Charlie has become so smart all of the sudden?
(a) He prayed really hard.
(b) He took some drugs.
(c) He made a deal with the devil.
(d) He was only pretending to be retarded before.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nemur compare Charlie's curiosity about his future to?

2. Who has paid for his life of comfort should Charlie regress to where he was before the procedure?

3. Where does Charlie spend most of his time once he reaches the peak of his intellectual abilities?

4. What does Charlie do that angers Alice when he picks her up from the Beekman college one day?

5. What does Charlie build for Algernon in his own furnished apartment?

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