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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Progress Report 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when a new guy at the bakery hurts and mocks Charlie?
(a) His friends defend him.
(b) He gets mad and hurts him back.
(c) They all laugh at him.
(d) He runs away crying.

2. How does Fanny Biden think Charlie has become so smart all of the sudden?
(a) He prayed really hard.
(b) He was only pretending to be retarded before.
(c) He took some drugs.
(d) He made a deal with the devil.

3. When is Charlie finally able to be intimate with Alice?
(a) When Alice holds him as he cries about his tortured past.
(b) When Fay breaks up with him.
(c) When his IQ shrinks to her level.
(d) When he is kicked out of the lab.

4. What does Charlie do after his promotion that earns him a raise at the bakery?
(a) Finds a new wholesaler to get supplies at half the regular cost.
(b) Rearranges the machines to speed up production.
(c) Creates a new recipe for bread.
(d) Puts out some good publicity and doubles the customer traffic.

5. What do Charlie's friends from the bakery make him do with Ellen at a party?
(a) Talk with her.
(b) Walk her home.
(c) Kiss her.
(d) Dance with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Burt take Charlie on his fourth day of the experiment?

2. What does Charlie build for Algernon in his own furnished apartment?

3. What does Charlie think of his sister when she is first brought home from the hospital?

4. How does Charlie feel at the end of his second day of the experiment?

5. What date does Charlie start writing in his Progress Report again after his surgery?

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