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Progress Report

The Beekman doctors take photographs of this and read them to monitor Charlie's state of mind. When life becomes more complex for the emotional genius, however, Charlie decides to keep these private.

Beekman College Center for Retarded Adults

This is an old schoolhouse that has been used by the University clinic to provide special classes for the handicapped.

Donner's Bakery

Charlie works as a janitor here.

Rorschach test

A psychological personality evaluation in which a person is asked to describe what he sees in a series of 10 inkblots.


Charlie and Algernon run through this in the Beekman laboratory under Burt Selden's supervision.

Warren State Home and Training School

The gray, hopeless institution which houses retarded children and adults. Charlie's mother threatened to send him here as a child, but Uncle Herman rescued him from the dismal institution.

Lucky rabbit's foot

When Charlie's IQ is low...

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