Flowers for Algernon Character Descriptions

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This character was the first subject of the surgery that raised intelligence.

Fanny Birden

This character works at the bakery with the main character and is the only employee who does not sign a petition demanding the main character's resignation after his IQ is raised.

Joe Carp

This character works at the bakery and torments the unintelligent employee there.

Mr. Arthur Donner

This character is the owner of the bakery. Unlike many others at the bakery, he treats the unintelligent worker decently, if condescendingly.


This character steals money from the bakery and is caught in the act by the unintelligent helper.

Charlie Gordon

This character is the narrator and central character of this book. He is a 32-year-old man with an IQ of 68.

Matt Gordon

This character is a salesman of barbershop supplies. This character is basically a kind person who loves his son and tries...

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