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Progress Report 1

• Charlie Gordon starts his progress report on March 3 because Dr. Strauss wants this data for an upcoming experiment.

• Charlie is thirty-two years old, works for Donner's Bakery, and attends a college for retarded adults. He is a mentally challenged adult with a strong desire to be smart.
• Alice Kinnian, Charlie's teacher, tells Charlie that Dr. Strauss might be able to make him smart with this new experiment and surgery.

• Charlie is told to write in this Progress Report everything he thinks and remembers about what happens from now on.

Progress Report 2

• On the second day of the progress report, Charlie writes that he is afraid he failed a Rorschach, or inkblot, test given to him by a doctor named Burt.

• Burt is nice to him, unlike some of the other doctors Charlie has worked with. Burt tries to help Charlie to relax.
• Charlie is not capable...

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