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Picnic Basket

This is what the grandmother brings the children's food in to the attic.

Powdered Donuts

This is a special treat given to the children that is secretly laced in arsenic.

Paper Flowers

The children attempt to make a garden in the attic using these.


Chris makes one of these to give the twins a place to play.

Ballet Recordings

Cathy's mother brings her these for entertainment since she wants to be a dancer.

Ballet Costumes

Corrine brings Cathy these for her to practice her dance moves in.

Medical Books and Chemistry Set

Corrine brings Chris these to study because of his desire to be a doctor.

Bedsheet Rope

Chris and Cathy use these to escape the room.

Wooden Key

Chris uses this to escape the room multiple times in order to collect enough money to support himself and his siblings after they leave the attic...

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