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Part 1: Prologue and Chapters 1-2

• In the Prologue, the author states that the following story is true but the names and places have been changed.

• In Chapter 1, brother and sister Chris and Cathy are ten and eight and their mother is pregnant with twins.

• Life is good for four years until one day their father is killed in a car accident.

• After the death of her husband, the children's mother sits at his desk for hours looking at the bills and rewriting a letter.
• Finally, someone responds to her letter and the Mother sits her children down and tells them they have no money.

• The Mother tells the children she has a very wealthy father and they must go to Virginia and live with him and her mother, and that hopefully he will write her back into his will.
• In Chapter 2, the Mother and children pack two suitcases...

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