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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, The Making of Meaning.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is NOT one of the three goals systems that Pitrim Sorokin has introduced, based on various epochs?
(a) Plutonic.
(b) Ideational.
(c) Idealistic.
(d) Sensate.

2. It is one thing to have a _________, according to the author, and another thing entirely to have a plan of action and be able to achieve it.
(a) Job.
(b) Plan.
(c) Truth.
(d) Goal.

3. Daydreaming may take focus from the task at hand, it can encourage the dreamer to strengthen mental pursuits and expand the __________.
(a) Consciousness.
(b) Understanding of spirit.
(c) Positive attitude.
(d) Belief system.

4. In the end, a man may be passed over for a promotion because he is more qualified in a certain __________.
(a) Skill set.
(b) Craft.
(c) Ethnicity.
(d) Communication style.

5. What goal system focuses on the non-materials things in life and celebrates the abstract?
(a) Ideational.
(b) Plutonic.
(c) Idealistic.
(d) Sensate.

Short Answer Questions

1. The world is a hostile place when a person does not have any ________, according to the author.

2. __________ skills tend to reach their formation in the late adolescent years, according to the author's findings.

3. ___________ will require resolution and effort by the person actively seeking it in their lives.

4. The author states that the ______________ is a large part of the idea of human consciousness, containing all that a person has seen.

5. Without consciousness, the author says, humans would only be able to _________ instinctively to all circumstances.

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