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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, Work as Flow.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What should parents provide to their children in an age appropriate way in order to increasing the learning of a child?
(a) Commitment.
(b) Choice.
(c) Clarity.
(d) Challenges.

2. The consciousness allows a person to invent ______________, create lies, and to envision works of art.
(a) Money.
(b) People.
(c) Decisions.
(d) Information.

3. Merging action with __________ also can increase flow, as in the case of physical activity, according to the author.
(a) Awareness.
(b) Truth.
(c) Goals.
(d) Purpose.

4. The author believes that without _____________, one can not measure success and thus enjoyment will not be complete.
(a) Praise.
(b) Feedback.
(c) Goals.
(d) Friends.

5. What was the name of the Marine code breakers used in World War II as their language was never written down, so it could not be broken?
(a) Windtalkers.
(b) Navajo Talkers.
(c) Windmovers.
(d) Blank Slates.

Short Answer Questions

1. ________ can teach a person how to exert the control and thereby steer the consciousness in the direction of joy and harmony.

2. One might think that if a job was structured to mirror a __________, then more people would be enthusiastic.

3. In many cases, an event may be noticed, but not ____________, according to the author.

4. The __________ system does not allow the ability to expand the consciousness to such a high degree.

5. Many believe that the excitement of the challenge comes from _____________ of a particular situation.

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