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Christine Schutt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What best describes Mother's life in the Mother-Arlette section of Part One?
(a) Rewarding.
(b) Spontaneous.
(c) Disorderly.
(d) Anally organized.

2. Who is Miss O'Boyle?
(a) Nonna's nurse.
(b) Alice's social worker.
(c) The woman Nonna works for.
(d) Mother's nurse.

3. Why did Alice's father want to bring Alice and Mother to Florida?
(a) To restore Mother's health with the healing sun and fruits.
(b) To escape the misery of his job.
(c) To get a job at Disneyworld.
(d) To create hope and show them sun and warmth.

4. What does Alice say is one of her mother's unusual behaviors?
(a) Knocking on a doorway before entering a room.
(b) Rubbing her back against walls.
(c) Obsessively turning the faucet off and on.
(d) Licking her fingernails.

5. What does Arthur say about Mother in her defense in Part One?
(a) That she was generous and gave things away.
(b) That she understood money was meant to spread joy.
(c) That her gift was creativity, not accounting.
(d) That she loved to shop for gifts.

6. What does Mother wear when Alice visits her at the San?
(a) Fuzzy slippers.
(b) A discolored wig.
(c) A blouse with bleach spots.
(d) Stiletto heels.

7. What does Uncle Billy tell Alice her mother needs?
(a) Medical treatment.
(b) Rest.
(c) A man.
(d) Psychological therapy.

8. Who is Arthur?
(a) An employee at the San.
(b) Alice's school friend.
(c) An employee of Aunt Frances.
(d) Mother's boss.

9. What is the San?
(a) A hospital.
(b) An office complex.
(c) A museum.
(d) A mental asylum.

10. What is one thing the unreliables take from Aunt Frances?
(a) Silverware.
(b) Her television.
(c) Alice.
(d) Money.

11. What does Alice recall eating while her father talked of Florida, in Part One?
(a) Grapefruit.
(b) Runny eggs.
(c) Oatmeal.
(d) An orange.

12. What best describes Mother before she goes to the San?
(a) Depressed and suicidal.
(b) Thin and bulimic.
(c) Paranoid.
(d) Creative and flamboyant.

13. What does Alice say she feels like, living with Aunt Frances and Uncle Billy?
(a) The daughter they never had.
(b) An honored guest.
(c) Unwanted.
(d) A visitor.

14. What does Aunt Frances tell Alice that there are rules about that she needs to learn?
(a) Manners.
(b) Speaking to adults.
(c) Dressing and fashion.
(d) The Upper Class.

15. What does Arthur say that Mother gave him?
(a) A Magnavox stereo.
(b) An entire Brittania encyclopedia set.
(c) A drawing of his favorite lake.
(d) Money for his medications.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is true about Alice's custody when she visits Mother at the San?

2. What is true of Mother when Alice visits her at the San?

3. What happens to Walter?

4. Who are the unreliables?

5. Who unpacks Mother's things after she goes to the San in Part One?

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