Florida Short Essay - Answer Key

Christine Schutt
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1. Describe Mother's unusual behavior in the first chapter of Florida.

In the first chapter of Florida, Mother is described as sliding around the house on her rump, rubbing her back against parts of the house and talking to herself. Even when she speaks to Alice, it seems that her mind is elsewhere. She speaks without inflection, listing random chores.

2. What do you think Alice's family was like before her father's death, based on information in the first chapter of the book?

Based on information in the first chapter of the book, it seems that prior to Father's death Alice's family was full of hope. The descriptions of Father and his hopes and dreams make it sound like he was the driving force of hope for this family.

3. Why is Florida important to Alice?

Florida is important to Alice because her Father used it as a beacon of hope. He would describe the family's future life in glowing terms and even use grapefruit at breakfast as a symbol of that future.

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