Daily Lessons for Teaching Florida

Christine Schutt
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Lesson 1 (from Part 1: Mother - Arthur)


Part 1: Mother - Arthur

In the first chapter of Florida, Mother is introduced by her unusual behavior like beating broomsticks against the floor, rubbing her back against parts of the house and speaking with a lack of inflection. It's implied that this abnormal behavior on her part only started after the death of Father. Mother is now in a dysfunctional relationship with Walter, who is verbally abusive and an alcoholic. This lesson looks at normal behavior in the context of this novel.


1) Class discussion- How would you describe Mother? Why is her behavior considered unusual or abnormal? How do you define abnormal? Normal? Do Mother's behaviors harm anyone? Do they help her in some way? If they are coping mechanisms, are they more acceptable?

2) Written- Make a chart that lists the difference in Mother's life before and after Father's death. From the information given in...

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