Florida Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Christine Schutt
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Part 1: Mother - Arthur

• Mother rubs her back against the house, slides on the floor and speaks to Alice with no inflection.
• Walter drinks and listens to classical music.
• Alice recalls Father's promise to bring the family to Florida.
• Florida is described as a utopia of prefect weather and plentiful tropical fruits.
• Walter leaves Mother.
• Mother is committed to the San.

Part 1: Mother - Arlette's Stories

• Mother's straw bag creations are described.
• Uncle Billy asks Alice if she wants to live with Mother again.
• Alice has conflicted feelings about returning to Mother's chaos.

Part 1: Mother - Tuscon

• Aunt Frances and Arlette unpack Mother's belongings.

• Alice sneaks in to touch her mother's things.
• Aunt Frances reveals that Mother squandered her portion of the family money.

• Arthur says Mother was generous and gave him his stereo.
• Aunt Frances hires the unreliables.

• The unreliables ask Alice if she is as unhappy...

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