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Joan Frances Casey
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Renee react to the conversation between Jo and Steve?
(a) She didn't understand what was going on.
(b) The conversation depressed her.
(c) She was angry at Steve.
(d) She was happy they could work things out.

2. What did Dr. Tate think about Joan Frances?
(a) He showed much concern.
(b) He was frustrated with her attitude.
(c) He showed a slight concern.
(d) He didn't seem to care about her.

3. How did Renee feel about her position in the Flock?
(a) She felt as if they took her for granted.
(b) She knew she was better than any of the others and she didn't care about them.
(c) She felt left out.
(d) She was proud to be the leader.

4. What happened to Rusty when he and Gordon went to take care of the boat?
(a) He became very fearful when he saw words and thought they would hurt him.
(b) He fell into the water.
(c) He cried for his father.
(d) He became angry at Gordon.

5. Why was the Flock concerned about Joan Frances?
(a) She was suicidal.
(b) She was becoming too thin.
(c) She was having severe headaches.
(d) She was becoming reclusive.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Jo feel about the person who was going to help?

2. How did Jo begin to think of Lynn and Gordon?

3. What was happening to Joan Frances as Renee was losing control of the Flock?

4. What did Dr. Tate accused the Flock of being?

5. How did Renee feel about her session with Dr. Wu?

Short Essay Questions

1. When would Rusty come out to Ray?

2. What was the relationship between Rusty and Gordon?

3. During the summer, what happened to the relationship between Renee and the others?

4. What did Gordon refer to the different personalities as and why?

5. What happened when Joan came into being?

6. What role did Unity play in the Flock?

7. How did Lynn and Gordon deal with the mental strain of staying with the Flock for the summer?

8. What was happening to Lynn and Gordon's relationship with Renee, and how did Lynn feel about this?

9. What was the relationship between Lynn and Renee like the summer after the first year of graduate school?

10. By Christmas of 1984, several of the personalities were merging. What was Lynn concerned about?

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