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Joan Frances Casey
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Joan feel about Lynn?
(a) She saw her as a sister figure.
(b) She was drawn to her romantically.
(c) She didn't trust her, but figured she'd give Lynn a second chance.
(d) She looked forward to seeing her again.

2. What happened to Joan's childhood records?
(a) They couldn't find them.
(b) Her mother said they were lost in the mail and they didn't have copies.
(c) They were destroyed in a fire.
(d) Nothing. Her mother sent them to her without problems.

3. How did Lynn feel about Jo after their time apart on vacation?
(a) She knew she had to limit her time with Jo.
(b) She really missed her and looked forward to seeing her again.
(c) She was shocked by Jo's regression.
(d) She was nervous about continuing therapy.

4. What did Joan see herself representing to Lynn?
(a) She represented agitation.
(b) She represented characterizations unlike the real her.
(c) She represented ambivalence.
(d) She represented anger.

5. How did Lynn feel about all the different personalities?
(a) She was overwhelmed by the number of them.
(b) She liked some of them and resented the others.
(c) She viewed them as individuals and was fond of them.
(d) She felt as if she didn't have time to deal with them all.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had Joan been doing before she found herself at the window?

2. By the end of August in 1981, how did Lynn feel about her treatment of Jo and the other personalities?

3. When Lynn persuades Joan to come back for another visit, which characters does she visit with?

4. How did Jo feel about hypnosis?

5. How did Joan feel after her first appointment?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Jo's relationship with her parents.

2. Describe how Lynn reacted when she realized that Renee might be suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Describe how Renee reacted to the theory.

3. How was Lynn different from other therapists that Renee went to see, and why did she continue treatment?

4. What were the three categories that Renee split the personalities into?

5. Why did Lynn want to talk with Dr. Cornelia Wilbur?

6. What was Ray and Nancy's married life like?

7. What happened to Jo's plans for what she was going to do at her father's grave?

8. What would happen to the different personalities before leaving for graduate school?

9. What roles did the personalities play in getting through life?

10. How was Renee's relationship with Steve evolving?

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