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Joan Frances Casey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In high school, how did the other personalities react to Isis' injury?
(a) They were angry at Isis.
(b) They didn't notice any injury.
(c) They were confused because they didn't know what happened, yet they had the physical symptoms of the injury.
(d) They thought it was funny.

2. What did Missy realize on their trip outside the office?
(a) She was grown up.
(b) Her father was dead.
(c) She was really a boy.
(d) She realized that she hadn't felt the sun in years.

3. What did Jo decide to do when she visited Richmond and her father's grave?
(a) She decided to write a letter to leave on the grave.
(b) She decided to slash her wrists.
(c) She decided she would only go the grave if her mother came, too.
(d) She decided to bring him flowers.

4. Joan knew that she would stop seeing Lynn in a few weeks. How did this make her feel?
(a) She decided that maybe she should continue seeing Lynn longer than she usually saw therapists.
(b) She was looking forward to the break.
(c) She was frustrated with herself for letting herself become attached to the therapist.
(d) She thought maybe she should break off the sessions sooner.

5. What is unique about Joan's memories?
(a) She has memories from an extremely early age.
(b) She only has memories of her father.
(c) She only has memories of her mother.
(d) She only has memories from after she is 15.

6. What did Joan think about her thoughts of jumping out the window?
(a) She thought it was common.
(b) She thought there were better ways to die.
(c) She thought it would show Keith how much she needed him.
(d) She was horrified and was scared to be alone.

7. By the middle of August, how often did Joan have sessions?
(a) Seven days a week.
(b) Once a month.
(c) Three times a week.
(d) They met every weekday afternoon.

8. What did Joan tell the therapist about during their first session?
(a) She talked about her marriage.
(b) She talked about her relationship with her father and told the story of his death.
(c) She talked about her relationship with her sister.
(d) She talked about her relationship with her mother, focusing on her early childhood.

9. What does Renee think about the disorder?
(a) She thinks it doesn't exist.
(b) She freely admits to the diagnosis.
(c) She won't even listen to the possibility be because she thinks that it is betraying her mother if she accepts the diagnosis.
(d) She doesn't care as long as she feels safe and loved.

10. What did the personalities make Lynn for Christmas?
(a) Nothing. They didn't celebrate holidays.
(b) A tree with 24 unique snowflakes.
(c) A special journal.
(d) An angel.

11. What happened to Jo's suicidal impulses when she started meeting with Lynn?
(a) They grew stronger.
(b) They increased right before each visit.
(c) They were sporadic.
(d) They disappeared.

12. What did Jo's mother tell her about Larry?
(a) He was trying to get in touch with Jo.
(b) She said he was a wonderful teacher.
(c) He was married.
(d) He had been in the mental ward of the hospital.

13. Who rescues Renee when she gets in over her head?
(a) Rusty.
(b) Jo.
(c) Kendra.
(d) Isis.

14. What were Jo's early memories of her mother like?
(a) Her mother hated her.
(b) Her mother was evil and scary.
(c) Her mother was filled with love and security.
(d) She had no early memories of her mother.

15. What is Jo's character like?
(a) Angry.
(b) Serious.
(c) Flirty.
(d) She wouldn't talk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What began happening to some of the personalities such as Robin and Reagan?

2. What personality emerged and began hitting her head against the wall?

3. What is Missy's character like?

4. Where did Joan's father live when he was growing up?

5. What is Joan Frances' character like?

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