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Joan Frances Casey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Lynn do after Christmas when Jo called and said she loved her?
(a) She thanked her then hung up.
(b) She told Jo that it wasn't proper in a therapist/client relationship.
(c) She told Jo she was out of town.
(d) She invited Jo to her house.

2. What is unique about Joan's memories?
(a) She only has memories from after she is 15.
(b) She only has memories of her mother.
(c) She has memories from an extremely early age.
(d) She only has memories of her father.

3. What did Lynn notice about Joan's recollections of the past regarding her relationships?
(a) She was confused since Joan had an idyllic childhood.
(b) She could see why Joan was suicidal.
(c) She noticed that there were many contradictions.
(d) She noticed that Joan became agitated and hyper while talking about her past.

4. What had Joan been doing before she found herself at the window?
(a) She had been on a business conference call.
(b) She had been working on a typewriter at her desk.
(c) She had been grading papers.
(d) She had been on the telephone with a friend.

5. What began happening to some of the personalities such as Robin and Reagan?
(a) They became angry at Jo.
(b) They became jealous of the other personalities.
(c) They became angry at Lynn.
(d) They began to disappear since they were no longer needed.

6. What did Jo find in her purse in high school that startled her?
(a) Keys to a car she couldn't find.
(b) Marijuana.
(c) An engagement ring.
(d) A note from a friend she didn't know.

7. What job did Jo have in September 1981?
(a) She was a secretary.
(b) She taught a class of "underachievers" in a great high school.
(c) She worked in the school library.
(d) She worked in the mental health clinic.

8. What was Joan's marital situation at the beginning of the book?
(a) She was happily married.
(b) She had been married several times.
(c) Her husband wanted a separation.
(d) She was recently divorced.

9. What was Joan's mother's background?
(a) She was a farm girl with immigrant parents.
(b) She was one of the city's elite.
(c) She worked in a factory from a young age.
(d) She was an impoverished orphan.

10. What is Renee's character like?
(a) She is a real advocate for her mother.
(b) Flirty.
(c) She is the little girl that likes being touched, but is afraid of talking.
(d) She watches over all the other characters as if it's a stage production.

11. Where did Joan work?
(a) She was a school counselor in a college preparatory school.
(b) She worked at the University of Chicago as a secretary.
(c) She worked at the University of Chicago's library.
(d) She didn't have a job.

12. What happened to the personalities after Christmas of 1981?
(a) There was increased trust, and new personalities were coming out.
(b) Most of them hid from Lynn.
(c) They turned against Renee.
(d) They started arguing with each other.

13. What happened when Jo decided to be the person that she felt Lynn wanted her to be?
(a) She became suicidal again.
(b) A new personality emerged.
(c) Her personalities merged.
(d) She became ill from the stress.

14. How did Jo feel about hypnosis?
(a) She was terrified of it.
(b) She had ambivalent feelings towards it.
(c) She had tried it many times before so it didn't upset her.
(d) She thought it was a great idea.

15. Who rescues Renee when she gets in over her head?
(a) Jo.
(b) Isis.
(c) Kendra.
(d) Rusty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jo's character like?

2. To everyone's surprise, how did Steve find their move to the house?

3. How often did Joan go to see Lynn?

4. What did Jo decide to do when she visited Richmond and her father's grave?

5. How did Lynn react when she discovered that Joan did not make a follow-up appointment?

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