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Joan Frances Casey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Jo's main goal for therapy?
(a) No amnesia.
(b) To learn to get along with other people.
(c) She had an eating disorder she wanted to get rid of.
(d) She wanted to stop smoking.

2. What does Renee think about the disorder?
(a) She thinks it doesn't exist.
(b) She won't even listen to the possibility be because she thinks that it is betraying her mother if she accepts the diagnosis.
(c) She doesn't care as long as she feels safe and loved.
(d) She freely admits to the diagnosis.

3. When did Isis join Jo's body?
(a) When Jo was 23.
(b) When Jo was 3.
(c) When Jo was 8.
(d) When Jo was 13.

4. What did Joan find herself doing at the window?
(a) She was counting the cars that were passing by.
(b) She was looking at the storm outside.
(c) She was contemplating suicide.
(d) She was looking for her ride.

5. What did Joan see herself representing to Lynn?
(a) She represented ambivalence.
(b) She represented characterizations unlike the real her.
(c) She represented anger.
(d) She represented agitation.

6. Who were the autonomous personalities?
(a) Jo, Missy, Joan Frances, Isis, and Renee.
(b) Joan Frances, Robin, and Rusty.
(c) Robin and Reagan.
(d) Rusty and Missy.

7. Where did Joan work?
(a) She worked at the University of Chicago as a secretary.
(b) She didn't have a job.
(c) She was a school counselor in a college preparatory school.
(d) She worked at the University of Chicago's library.

8. When Lynn asked Renee how many there were inside of her, what did she realize?
(a) She had merged into one personality.
(b) She realized that she didn't care.
(c) She wasn't sure, and she didn't like the uncertainty.
(d) There were fewer than 10 personalities.

9. What do Robin and Reagan think about the disorder?
(a) They don't care as long as they feel safe and loved.
(b) They thinks it doesn't exist.
(c) They won't even listen to the possibility be because they thinks that it is betraying her mother if she accepts the diagnosis.
(d) They freely admit to the diagnosis.

10. When Lynn persuades Joan to come back for another visit, which characters does she visit with?
(a) Joan Frances, Rusty and Isis.
(b) Rusty and Isis.
(c) Jo and Joan Frances then Renee.
(d) Jo and Rusty.

11. What did Joan think about therapists?
(a) She found them to be a quick fix to problems.
(b) She stayed away from them because she didn't trust them.
(c) She had been in therapy for as long as she could remember.
(d) She felt that they were fine for some people, but not for her.

12. What did the other personalities decide to do in regards to Jo?
(a) They ignored her.
(b) They decided to help her.
(c) They decided to team up against her.
(d) They voted her out.

13. How did Jo react when she finally acknowledged that Lynn truly loved her?
(a) She was finally at peace.
(b) She didn't trust it so she ran away.
(c) The thought terrified her, and she lashed out.
(d) She had many questions about love.

14. What does Steve think about her disorder?
(a) He is skeptical that it's a real disorder.
(b) He thinks it doesn't exist.
(c) He thinks it's fascinating and wants to learn more about it.
(d) He thinks Lynn is completely correct in her assessment of the disorder.

15. What did Renee feel about sharing session time with the other personalities by the middle of August?
(a) She resented it.
(b) She couldn't understand why it was important.
(c) She thought it was a waste of time.
(d) She didn't mind, and it made it easier for her to control them during the day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Joan's marital situation at the beginning of the book?

2. How did the group of personalities feel about living in the house with Steve?

3. What did Lynn notice about Joan's recollections of the past regarding her relationships?

4. What is Joan Frances' character like?

5. Where did Joan's father live when he was growing up?

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