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Joan Frances Casey
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Rusty ask Gordon to do?
(a) Be his dad.
(b) Help him make a card for Lynn.
(c) Learn to read.
(d) Find his father.

2. How did Renee feel about her position in the Flock?
(a) She felt as if they took her for granted.
(b) She knew she was better than any of the others and she didn't care about them.
(c) She felt left out.
(d) She was proud to be the leader.

3. How did Lynn react when she discovered that Joan did not make a follow-up appointment?
(a) She asked the clerk to call and confirm the next appointment.
(b) It made her feel personally rejected.
(c) It made her angry.
(d) She was secretly happy.

4. What did Lynn asked Renee to do after Jo's hypnosis experience?
(a) Write down her hypnotic experiences.
(b) Leave the two alone for a while.
(c) Construct a timeframe of Jo's life.
(d) Make a special meal.

5. How did Jo feel about the book, Sybil?
(a) She refused to read it.
(b) She thought is was poor writing and never read past the first chapter.
(c) It made her feel empty and aching for something she couldn't identify.
(d) She was happy to know someone else experienced what she did.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had changed in Renee's relationship with Steve by Thanksgiving?

2. How did the medical community feel about MPD according to Lynn?

3. What did Nancy say when Joan told her that her father had molested her?

4. How much time did Gordon and Lynn spend with the Flock during the summer before Renee went to school?

5. What did Joan call herself privately?

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