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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ono want Noriko to appear during the miai?
(a) Lively and intelligent.
(b) Quiet and respectful.
(c) Shy and innocent.
(d) Dignified and silent.

2. According to Suichi, Ichiro's father, why does Ono quit painting?
(a) Because he is too old.
(b) Because Japan lost the war.
(c) Because he has lost his skill.
(d) Because he lost interest in art.

3. What does Ono advise Mrs. Kawakami to do with the profit from selling her bar?
(a) Build a fine new place.
(b) Start a smaller place in the suburbs.
(c) Retire to the seaside.
(d) Relax and put her feet up.

4. On what basis do the Sugimura sisters select a buyer for their house?
(a) They sold to the highest bidder.
(b) They selected the first to make an offer.
(c) They had an auction of prestige.
(d) They selected a relative.

5. What always makes Mrs. Kawakami smile?
(a) Seeing her old friend Shintaro.
(b) Seeing her old friend Ono.
(c) Watching customers come in.
(d) Remembering what a splendid district it had once been.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the sisters is older?

2. What does Ono say about the movie that insults Ichiro?

3. Why does Ono decide NOT to tell Noriko that he had contacted old acquaintances to try to ensure that her marriage negotiations went well?

4. How does Ono describe Noriko and Setsuko?

5. What does Ono's father do with his paintings?

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