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Ursula Hegi
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Manfred's father hang Manfred out the window?
(a) To force the police to leave his home.
(b) To make his wife be quiet.
(c) Playing with Manfred.
(d) To force Manfred's mother to give him the grocery money.

2. What does Manfred's father keep begging of his wife?
(a) To divorce him.
(b) To tell him if she has anymore money.
(c) To take the children to her mother's home.
(d) To speak to him.

3. What does Manfred's father know he will do?
(a) Thrown Manfred out the window.
(b) Shoot his wife.
(c) Shoot himself.
(d) Offer to remove the noose.

4. How does Manfred's mother react as his father dies?
(a) She is not there.
(b) She is silent.
(c) She tries to save him.
(d) She screams.

5. What is Manfred's father too afraid to do?
(a) Stop drinking.
(b) Kill himself.
(c) Kill his son.
(d) Kill his wife.

6. What is it about Hanna's mother's personality that causes her death?
(a) Her recklessness.
(b) Her carelessness.
(c) Her inattention.
(d) Her depression.

7. What is the pastor forced to do concerning the new man in town?
(a) Forbid him to court his sister.
(b) Report him to the local authorities.
(c) Help him out financially.
(d) Fire him from his teaching position.

8. What does Hannelore do as a result of her brother's action?
(a) Goes with the man when he leaves town.
(b) Refuses his offer of marriage.
(c) Moves back to her hometown.
(d) Returns to nursing school.

9. What upsets Hanna about six months after her mother dies?
(a) Her father wants to send her to live with her aunt.
(b) Her father begins dating.
(c) Her father seems to not grieve her mother.
(d) Her father sends her to stay with her grandparents for a while.

10. How does Manfred's mother respond to her husband?
(a) She refuses to speak to him.
(b) She slaps him.
(c) She calls the police again.
(d) She forgives him.

11. How does Hanna ignore what Rolf asks of her?
(a) She talks with his mother, following her throughout the house.
(b) She gives all the puppies away.
(c) She plays another joke on his mother.
(d) She invites Hans to a party.

12. What does Hanna decide to do where she goes?
(a) Look to see where the murderer slept.
(b) Chip out a statue of her mother's face.
(c) Look up books on death.
(d) Grab a barge chain and ride down the river.

13. What do they ask at the restaurant?
(a) To order take out.
(b) To use the bathroom.
(c) To have tea.
(d) To use the phone.

14. What shocks Hanna about Veronika's actions?
(a) Veronika eats all the waffles.
(b) Veronika eats all the pastries in one bite.
(c) Veronika gives the students too much homework.
(d) Veronika slaps Hanna on the backside to punish her.

15. Whose arrival in town one day affects Hannelore's life?
(a) A politician.
(b) A injured soldier.
(c) A doctor.
(d) A new teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hanna decide to do?

2. Where was Hans-Jurgen staying?

3. Who is Rolf?

4. What career does the pastor's sister give up?

5. How did Hanna's mother fit into the small town?

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