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Ursula Hegi
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Hans-Jurgen recently live?
(a) At a veteran's nursing home
(b) In Paris.
(c) At an insane asylum.
(d) In Germany.

2. How is Hannelore Beier described?
(a) Surly.
(b) Quiet and unobtrusive.
(c) Talkative.
(d) Shy.

3. What does Hanna do one day when she wants away from her father's new girlfriend?
(a) Goes to the old quarry to swim.
(b) Goes to the library.
(c) Goes to the river to swim.
(d) Goes to the vacant grist mill.

4. What does Rolf finally agree to do?
(a) Apologize to Hanna's best friend.
(b) Speak to his grandfather about his father.
(c) Go back to school.
(d) Go home.

5. What is Hanna's father's new girlfriend like?
(a) Bossy.
(b) Mean.
(c) Conventional.
(d) As crazy as Hanna's mother.

6. What does Hanna tell Rolf?
(a) She is glad Rolf is upset.
(b) She is happy that he and Klar are getting along again.
(c) She knows all about Rolf's American father.
(d) She is sad about the missing cow.

7. What does Hanna scheme for a while after Karin gives birth?
(a) Having her own baby.
(b) Going with Karin to another country.
(c) Working with children in a nursery.
(d) Adopting the baby.

8. Why is Rolf deeply upset?
(a) He wishes his mother did not have to work so hard.
(b) He has never heard the truth about his father.
(c) He wishes his grandparents were living with them.
(d) He hates it when Hanna won't talk to him.

9. What precipitates Manfred's father's death?
(a) His wife pushes him.
(b) The chair slips.
(c) The cops are banging on the door.
(d) His son trips and pushes him out the window.

10. What did Hans-Jurgen do that everyone knows about?
(a) Had an affair with the mayor's wife.
(b) Won a gold medal for swimming.
(c) Embezzled.
(d) Shot and killed his girlfriend and a young man.

11. How does Immers win prizes?
(a) Showing his one parakeet that has a large vocabulary.
(b) Showing his favorite cat.
(c) Showing his two poodles.
(d) Showing his violets.

12. How old is Hanna when her mother dies?
(a) 12.
(b) 17.
(c) 18.
(d) 14.

13. What does Manfred's father know he will do?
(a) Offer to remove the noose.
(b) Shoot himself.
(c) Thrown Manfred out the window.
(d) Shoot his wife.

14. Why is Hanna upset?
(a) Her father marries the woman he has been dating.
(b) Her father wants Hanna to be friends with the woman's daughter.
(c) Her father pays little attention to Hanna.
(d) She loses her mother's bracelet.

15. Who is Klara Brocker?
(a) Hanna's family's maid.
(b) Trudi's family's maid.
(c) Manfred's mother.
(d) Hanna's aunt.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Manfred's mother react as his father dies?

2. Where does Immers spend most of his time?

3. From what does Veronika think she is invulnerable?

4. Why does the pastor's sister give up her career?

5. Where do Hanna and Renate go many times?

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