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Ursula Hegi
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Manfred's father try to manipulate his wife?
(a) He threatens divorce.
(b) He puts a gun to his head.
(c) He puts a noose around his neck.
(d) He puts a gun to Manfred's head.

2. What does Manfred's father keep begging of his wife?
(a) To divorce him.
(b) To take the children to her mother's home.
(c) To speak to him.
(d) To tell him if she has anymore money.

3. Why is Hanna upset?
(a) Her father wants Hanna to be friends with the woman's daughter.
(b) Her father marries the woman he has been dating.
(c) She loses her mother's bracelet.
(d) Her father pays little attention to Hanna.

4. Why does Manfred's father hang Manfred out the window?
(a) To force Manfred's mother to give him the grocery money.
(b) Playing with Manfred.
(c) To force the police to leave his home.
(d) To make his wife be quiet.

5. Who is Karin Baum?
(a) A new girl in town.
(b) Hanna's cousin.
(c) Trudi's cousin.
(d) Hanna's friend.

6. What does Rolf ask Hanna?
(a) If she will give him one of her new puppies.
(b) Not to be friends with Hans Becker.
(c) Not to talk to his mother when she is trying to work.
(d) Not to play anymore jokes on his mother.

7. What is the pastor forced to do concerning the new man in town?
(a) Forbid him to court his sister.
(b) Fire him from his teaching position.
(c) Help him out financially.
(d) Report him to the local authorities.

8. What shocks Hanna about Veronika's actions?
(a) Veronika gives the students too much homework.
(b) Veronika slaps Hanna on the backside to punish her.
(c) Veronika eats all the pastries in one bite.
(d) Veronika eats all the waffles.

9. Why does Rolf confront Hanna?
(a) About Hanna inviting Hans who has a bad reputation.
(b) About the joke Hanna played on his mother.
(c) He does not confront Hanna.
(d) About what Hanna said to some classmates about Rolf.

10. What do they ask at the restaurant?
(a) To order take out.
(b) To have tea.
(c) To use the bathroom.
(d) To use the phone.

11. Why is Rolf deeply upset?
(a) He has never heard the truth about his father.
(b) He hates it when Hanna won't talk to him.
(c) He wishes his grandparents were living with them.
(d) He wishes his mother did not have to work so hard.

12. With whom does Immers live?
(a) His disabled daughter.
(b) No one.
(c) His son and daughter-in-law.
(d) The other folks at the home.

13. From what does Veronika think she is invulnerable?
(a) The principal's ire.
(b) The poison.
(c) The students' rebelling.
(d) Hanna's mother's censure.

14. How does Manfred's mother respond to her husband?
(a) She slaps him.
(b) She forgives him.
(c) She calls the police again.
(d) She refuses to speak to him.

15. What does Immers try to give more space in which to grow?
(a) The stronger violets.
(b) The new parakeet babies.
(c) The stronger roses.
(d) The puppies his one female dog has.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who molests Karin?

2. How does Immers win prizes?

3. Where are the victim(s) shot?

4. What happens to Karin?

5. Who hallucinates of poison falling from the sky?

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