Floating in My Mother's Palm Short Essay - Answer Key

Ursula Hegi
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1. Describe the narrator of these stories.

Hanna is a German girl growing up in the town of Burgdorf in the Fifties and Sixties. Hanna is the daughter of an eccentric artist and a dentist. The stories in this novel are from Hanna's point of view and are from a mature woman looking back on her childhood.

2. What is the problem with the narrator's mother in White Lilacs and what does she do?

The narrator's mother is entering her tenth month of pregnancy when she realizes that she can no longer feel the baby moving. The mother goes to the convent nearby where she intends to give birth under the care of the nuns there and asks if she should be concerned.

3. What is Hanna's mother told by the nuns when she goes to the convent, and what is the mother's response?

The nun reassures Hanna's mother that the baby is simply resting up for the birth. For three days the mother worries, but trusts the nuns.

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