Floating in My Mother's Palm Character Descriptions

Ursula Hegi
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Hanna - She is a German girl growing up in the town of Burgdorf in the Fifties and Sixties.

Renate - She is the daughter of the local midwife.

Hanna's Mother - She is a wild spirit and an artist.

Hanna's Father - He is a kind, gentle man who is much older than his young, impetuous wife.

Rolf Blocker - He is Klara's son.

Klara Blocker - She is Hanna's family's maid.

Trudi Montag - She is the town's pay librarian.

Karin Baum - She is a girl the same age as Hanna and they were friends as children.

Anton Immers - He was the local butcher.

Matthias Berger - He is a tenant in Hanna's family home.

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