Floating in My Mother's Palm Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ursula Hegi
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Chapters 1-5

• In the tenth month of pregnancy, the narrator's mother realizes she cannot feel the baby moving.

• The nuns at a convent assure her that the baby is simply getting ready to birth. Three days later she returns to the convent in labor.

• The mother is forced to wait for the nuns to finish their morning worship and then when one comes the baby is dead.

• The nun tells the mother the baby died because it was in utero too long. The mother is enraged and goes to the midwife.

• Trudi Montag is a dwarf, the daughter of the local librarian. It is said she is a dwarf because her mother dropped her on her head.

• Her mother went insane with the guilt and died in an institution. Trudi was treated with extreme care as she grew up.

• Trudi meets a man at the river and almost...

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