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1. What happens when Bryce is seven and why is he upset about the process of moving in?

When he is seven-years-old, Bryce Loski moves into a new neighborhood. A little girl named Juli Baker lives across the street. She insists on helping Bryce and his family move in but she is too pushy and has muddy shoes and Bryce is immediately annoyed with her.

2. What does Juli do just when Bryce's mother opens the front door and what is Bryce's response?

Juli grabs Bryce's hand just when his mother opens the front door. He pulls his hand away from her and virtually goes into hiding.

3. How does Bryce's father help him and his older sister hinder him in his hiding efforts?

For the next several weeks, Juli is constantly at the door wanting to play. Bryce's dad made excuses for him but his older sister Lynetta tries to sabotage Bryce by letting Juli in a few times.

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